Web Hosting 101 : A Beginner’s Guide

A web hosting service provider or web host is a service that permits businesses and individuals to host their website (dynamic or static) onto the World Wide Web. In other words, web hosting companies provide the technologies and services for the website to be accessible on the internet. Special computers (called as servers) host or store the websites.

These hosting companies provide lot of features for easy website building and management. All of this comes at a very nominal cost ($3.95 per month). However, one may need to purchase a domain name (website URL or address).

What are the different types of Web Hosting?


This is one of the most popular web hosting. The website is hosted on the same server along with many other websites. In a nutshell, all websites share a common pool of resources such as RAM, CPU, etc.


In this type of hosting, the server is available on lease to the buyer as per the agreed hosting plan. Essentially, you own a web server but not given the full control over it. The hosting company manages the server for you and guarantees the quality of service.


This hosting service is a little different than Managed hosting wherein the buyer gains the full control over the web server. In other words, one needs to self-manage the services. The buyer has full administrative access to the server. He/She is responsible for the security and maintenance of the dedicated server.

Virtual Dedicated Server

It has another name Virtual Private Server (VPS). This service works on the principle of virtualization which divides server resources into virtual web servers. The specialty is that it allocates resources in a way that does not directly reflect the underlying hardware.


Relatively new; this hosting platform provides powerful, scalable and reliable web hosting based on load balanced servers. Generally, the buyers pay as per their usage (no flat fee) of resources. Due to decentralization, cloud web hosting ensures no disruption during natural disasters.


If you want to establish yourself as a web hosting company then Reseller hosting is what you need to purchase. So, the buyers become web hosts themselves. Resellers may offer all the different types of hosting depending upon their affiliation as a reseller.


Similar to the dedicated hosting service the buyer owns the colocation server. The hosting company provides the physical space for the server and little support in terms of electricity, internet access, and storage facilities. The buyer needs to have an administrator who would visit the data center to do the maintenance activities. This is one of the most powerful and expensive type of web hosting service.


Lot many organizations (such as e-Commerce, online learning portals, etc.) have a need for high availability and scalability. For such requirements, clustered web hosting is a perfect solution. It offers better resource utilization by hosting same content on multiple servers.


This is a form of distributed hosting wherein a cluster of servers acts like a grid consisting of multiple nodes. Generally, this type of web hosting is best-suited for high online traffic websites.

Home Server

As the name suggest, a server kept in a home can be used to host a website by using a broadband connection. This is an old age style of web hosting.

What factors to consider while buying Hosting?

  • Price
  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Back-up
  • Storage
  • cPanel
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Renewal Price
  • Domain Name
  • Preinstalled Apps
  • Refund Policy
  • Customer Reviews

List of Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting in 2021

As per our research, below are the Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting (not in any order).

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • Liquid Web
  • iPage
  • InMotion
  • FastComet
  • GreenGeeks
  • Scala Hosting
  • DreamHost

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