SiteGround Hosting in India (2023): Is It Worth?

Are you planning to buy SiteGround Web Hosting in India? Do you want to know more about the various features offered by SiteGround and its various plans? Want to read about SiteGround Web Hosting Reviews?

This article sheds light on such aspects of SiteGround Web Hosting along with recommendations from experts. While preparing this article, 236 reviews and multiple Facebook polls were referred so as to provide authentic SiteGround India Reviews.

Let’s go …

While choosing or selecting a hosting, one needs to assess many factors. Some of the important factors are the features and services offered by the hosting company. Then comes the price of various hosting plans. Moreover, there are other factors like company background and performance reviews. All in all, these factors provide enough help to pick the best web hosting. The results of various experiments and tests indicate that SiteGround is one of the reasonable and reliable web hosting for India.

The best thing about SiteGround is its varied hosting plans. Also, there customer service is unbeatable. SiteGround offers SG Optimizer (tool) to enhance the performance of the website. Besides, the price of different hosting plans is reasonable. Thus, it has gained the trust in the market. As of now, there are more than 2,000,000 active domains that are hosted on SiteGround. Let’s read more about SiteGround hosting plans, features, and reviews.

About SiteGround

A group of friends studying at the university came up with the idea of setting up SiteGround. That’s how the company was founded in 2004 in Bulgaria. Now, the company has more than 500 employees. Tenko Nikolov is the CEO of the company. Moreover, the company has now partnered with several companies such as OpenSRS, cPanel, SingleHope, 1H, and many more. They have offices in various countries like the USA, the UK, Spain, and Bulgaria.

With the best pricing, storage, and security system, SiteGround is reportedly serving 2,000,000 active domains. They offer varied hosting plans suitable for people with different needs. These are Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Managed hosting, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated Server. Besides, SiteGround also offers Resellers and Enterprise hosting options.


SiteGround Hosting Features & Reviews

In this section, I am going to provide review of 15 SiteGround Hosting features.

SiteGround has ample of fantastic and powerful features. They provide all the needed website builder tools, performance enhancements tools, and user-friendly cPanel included with the hosting.

SiteGround’s amazing uptime, excellent customer service, and fast speed have helped them in earning good reputation. So, the reviews of SiteGround for the last few years have been exceptionally good. These are the primary reasons that SiteGround has been regarded as one of the Best WordPress Hosting.

For quick look, refer the below table.

SiteGround FeaturesStats & Performance
Uptime Performance99.99 % (for last 3 years)
Website Load TimeDesktop : <3 secs
Mobile : <3 secs
Customer Support24/7; Priority Support Available
(Customer reviews indicate issues were
resolved in 1st call, less waiting time)
Pricing of PlansReasonable; Discounts Available
Hosting OptionsMultiple;
StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek
Data Center LocationsMultiple; London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore
Best Web Hosting for WordPress & E-Commerce Yes, Easy and fast to build websites
(Data collected from facebook polls)
Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) Free
SSL CertificateFree
Domain EmailFree
WordPress InstallationAvailable; Free
WordPress UpdatesAutomatically
WP-CLI & SSHProvided
Existing Site MigrationAvailable with GrowBig & GoGeek Plans
Back-upsWeekly, Monthly; On-Demand back-ups for
GrowBig & GoGeek Plans
SecurityAnti-Bot AI prevents 500,000 to 2 million
brute force attacks each hour
Website ManagementcPanel
Money Back Guarantee30-Day Guarantee

Let’s go through SiteGround Reviews & Features one-by-one.

1. Unbeatable Uptime Performance

Uptime is essential for any website. It makes site visitors content. Moreover, there is less chance of losing potential buyers if your website has reliable uptime. SiteGround has been giving the best uptime performance. SiteGround is committed to giving 99.99% guaranteed uptime to its customers. Also, most of the customers have confirmed this to be true. So, SiteGround uptime is always 99.99% on average. Besides, SiteGround hosting has been keeping this intact for the last 3 years.

2. Fast Website Load Time

The load time of the pages of your website is a crucial factor in drawing online traffic. Moreover, people lose interest if website takes much time to load. So, a slow host can eventually result in losing traffic. SiteGround uses SSDs or solid-state drives for all the accounts. These help to get a superb and reliable speed for loading pages. Moreover, SiteGround plans like GrowBig and GoGeek offer a special caching system. This even helps to get incredibly faster speed. Besides, you do not need to worry about compromising your image size. SiteGround loading time is one of the best loading times offered by a hosting company.

3. Multiple Web Hosting options

SiteGround offers a variety of hosting options for its customers. SiteGround hosting understands the variable needs of different customers. So, it offers variable hosting experiences for beginners, experienced, and business professionals, etc. New website creators can take their Shared hosting plan. This low traffic hosting plan is budget-friendly. Also, professional bloggers can go for Cloud hosting. Besides, there are Dedicated Servers that will give you one server for your website. Moreover, SiteGround WordPress hosting is one of the best hosting options. Besides, there are Enterprise and Reseller hosting options. All in all, SiteGround has all the options for you.

4. Free Cloudflare CDN and SSL Certificate

It is significant for all the website owners to protect the user’s information. This can be the users’ IP addresses or bank account details. This information is vulnerable to hackers if these are not secured properly. So, to protect this information one needs secure encryption technology. Here comes the role of Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate. It provides encryption technology. Thus, it ensures the highest security for the information sent from the user’s browser to web server and vice versa. SiteGround web hosting provides a free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt. Moreover, Google Chrome sends warning to the users if they are accessing any sites which do not have an SSL certification.

Cloudflare’s CDN or Content Delivery Network stores large data like big images or large files. It stores them on many servers in various locations. This helps the site visitors to have easy access to those data as per their locations. Thus, CDN helps in loading websites faster. Also, it improves the ranking of the site. SiteGround offers Cloudflare’s free CDN.

5. Free Site Migration (1 Website)

If you are willing to switch from another hosting, it is easy with SiteGround. SiteGround has a free WordPress Migration tool. It makes the migration super easy for the users. Moreover, the site migration for 1 website is free with some plans of SiteGround. These are GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

6. Suitable for both Beginners & Experts

Reviews of SiteGround Hosting Services have been the best because of its unique features. These features are suitable for both beginners and technically sound people. Website builders like WooCommerce or WordPress have simple tools. These tools can help beginners to build their websites. They can use WooCommerce simple drag-and-drop tool. Also, they can use WordPress to build their websites in a few clicks. Moreover, Drupal and Joomla also help in quick website building.

Besides, SiteGround does not fail to impress the developers. The higher plans of SiteGround offer pre-installed Git. There are also SSH, SFTP, and WP-CLI along with WP-CLI. So, in a way, SiteGround has it all even for the web experts with several premium features.

7. Amazing 24/7 Customer Support Service

SiteGround hosting is an award-winning company for its top-notch customer support. Its customer support service has a faster response time than many other hosting companies. Also, the support service works 24/7. So, you can reach out to them at any time for any queries. Moreover, you do not need to be a SiteGround customer to call and get your questions answered. Besides, you can expect the fastest response if you are facing any technical issues. So, the amazing customer support service has also helped to gain the best reviews of SiteGround.

8. Best Web Hosting for WordPress

WordPress hosting is one of the most popular hostings of SiteGround. Most of the people find WordPress as an easy platform for blogging. Also, WooCommerce is integrated with SiteGround as a website builder for free. Moreover, the WordPress Optimization plug-in (SG Optimizer) offers many benefits. It helps in combining CSS files and compression of GZIP. Also, it optimizes the browser cache. Besides, it also helps in the compression of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

SiteGround offers attractive and useful WordPress hosting plans. Also, it encourages the 1-click WordPress install. You also get other benefits such as automatic backups and WordPress updates. Also, you get high-end security and superb speed. Reviews of SiteGround Hosting Services for WordPress are amazing throughout the world.

9. Daily & Instant Site Back-ups

All the SiteGround hosting plans come with free daily backups. Also, you have the option of setting a specific time for this daily backup. Along with this, you get 30 backup copies generated automatically. Besides, you get free restoration which just requires a single click. Also, there is an “on-demand” backup facility. Here you get to backup specific files or folders instantly. This is free for GrowBig and GrowGeek plans.

10. Unquestionable Server Security

SiteGround has the best server security. Its Anti-Bot AI prevents brute-force attacks. As per reports, it can prevent between 500,000 and 2 million attacks each hour. Moreover, the isolation system saves your website from being vulnerable to hacking. Besides, there are regular plug-in and core updates for managed WordPress hosting. These stop your plugin from being vulnerable to attacks.

11. Easy-to-use Account Management

Unlike other hosting companies or providers, SiteGround offers a simple member’s area. SiteGround provides a cPanel or control panel for its users. It is easy and time-saving to access SiteGround account with this. Also, you can access all the information without any hassles. Besides, it is easy to monitor your domain and check the billing status. Also, navigation is easy. Above all, the design is simple and easy.

12. Simple Tools for Great Performance

SiteGround is committed to giving you the best user experience. So, it has many simple tools to improve the performance of your site. There is Supercacher. It is capable of increasing the speed by 40%. Besides, there are tools like HHVM and NGIX. These tools enhance the loading speed. AI-bot prevention tool blocks brute-force attacks. Besides, there are tools like Cloudflare CDN, SG-git, and SiteApps Dashboard. These tools improve your site. Also, special WordPress tools like WP auto-update and Staging give the best WordPress website experience.

13. Multiple Data Centers

SiteGround has its data centers in multiple locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. Its servers are in London, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Singapore. Moreover, Cloudflare’s CDN stores files, folders, and images on different servers around the world. Thus, it makes it easier for the website visitors to have easy and fast access to the data.

14. Special Advanced Priority Support

There is an exclusive feature for the GoGeek plan of SiteGround. It is Advanced Priority Support. This feature helps you to get priority over other service requests. So, in case, you face any technical issue and raise a ticket, you will get a fast response. Also, you will get support from highly experienced professionals.

15. Best for E-commerce Hosting

SiteGround hosting is the best option for e-commerce websites. It offers the popular WooCommerce website builder for making easier and faster websites. Also, it has e-commerce platforms Magento and PrestaShop. Shipping is easy with these platforms. Moreover, SiteGround has some affordable plans to help you build your drop-shipping business. You get your own IP address. Besides, its GoGeek plan helps your e-commerce site PCI compliant. Also, the SSL certificate offered by SiteGround ensures that the information sent between the user and server is encrypted. So, SiteGround takes care of all the aspects of your online store. Thus, the e-commerce tools are also behind the good reviews of SiteGround Hosting Services.


SiteGround Hosting Plans & Pricing

In the previous section, I talked about SiteGround reviews and features which were based on customer reviews and facebook polls.

Here, in this section, I will throw light on the various types of hosting plans and their prices offered by SiteGround.

Shared Hosting

SiteGround helps you to fight your dilemma about choosing the best and reliable hosting. It helps you to build your website by offering two popular site builders for free. They are WooCommerce and WordPress. Moreover, since the platform is hosted on Google Cloud, it offers great speed and unquestionable reliability. You get free CDN that boosts up your load time for visitors all around the globe.

Also, you get the most famous Content Management Systems with SiteGround. They are Joomla, Magento, and WordPress, etc. Besides, the auto-install feature of SiteGround helps in saving time. The best thing about SiteGround web hosting is its user-friendly tools. Besides, SiteGround offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL that keeps your data secure. It also takes care of your daily backups. Moreover, you can build as many websites as you want and host them under one account with their higher plans.

SiteGround offers 3 shared hosting plans.


All the above plans have unmetered traffic, free WordPress installation, WordPress auto-updates, free SSL, daily backups, free CDN, and email.

There are extra freebies that you get with GrowBig and GoGeek plans. These are dynamic caching, on-demand backup copies, free site migration, etc.

WordPress Hosting

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you can install WordPress easily. It helps you to start from the beginning so that you can customize your website without any hassle. Besides, you get the WordPress Starter tool once you install WordPress through their automated installer. This tool allows you to install the features you pick for your site automatically. Thus, you need not be a technical expert to build a WordPress website.

You can transfer one website with a WordPress Migration tool for free. Also, you can get more than one WordPress website migrated by the experts at a nominal cost. You get automatic updates for WordPress software and plug-ins. Besides, the security management of your sites is of superb quality.

SiteGround offers 3 WordPress hosting plans. Additionally, all the WordPress hosting plans come with a BOT protection system. This not only protects your website but also improves its speed and performance.


WooCommerce Hosting

With SiteGround setting up a WooCommerce store is easy and time-saving. The Getting Started Wizard lets you set up WordPress along with WooCommerce plug-in. Besides, it also comes up with a theme of Storefront. Also, WordPress Migrator makes it easy for you to transfer a WooCommerce website. With easy access to set the PHP version and HTTPS settings, you can expect a fantastic loading speed of your website. Thus, with high site speed, you can successfully increase your sales. SuperCacher service of SiteGround helps your site to get the highest level of speed. Additionally, there is an option for faster loads of product pages of lazy-load WooCommerce products.

SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting plans are the same plans as shared hosting plans. GoGeek is the only PCI compliant hosting plan that is essential for online stores.

Cloud Hosting

Once your site wants to move out of shared hosting to cloud, SiteGround offers powerful resources. Keeping in mind the growing needs of your business, SiteGround provides full configurations and management of your cloud hosting account. Besides, you can add CPU and RAM with a simple click. Also, there is an auto-scale option that takes care of unexpected traffic. Besides, you get to create several hosting accounts under a cloud account. Thus, you get to host your clients under that account.

There are 4 Cloud hosting plans offered by SiteGround.


Enterprise Hosting

SiteGround offers Enterprise Hosting that is custom-made and specially crafted for your business. Furthermore, this hosting is fully managed by SiteGround so you need not worry and just focus on your business objectives.

SiteGround analyzes your business needs and craft the infrastructure for you. In this type of hosting, they can build a single instance, a public or private cloud configuration or a geographically dispersed cluster architecture.

Here are some of the features of Enterprise Hosting.

  • Data Centers in Chicago (US) and Amsterdam (Europe)
  • Replication on two continents
  • Highly available & scalable
  • Custom onboarding
  • Personal account managers
  • Priority 24/7 helpdesk support
  • Stable and performant base stack
  • Custom technologies based on your needs

Reseller Hosting

With their unique plan, you can easily manage several websites under one account. Also, you will get sit tools dedicated to each site. Moreover, you can provide access to the site tools of each website to your clients. The transfer of site ownership is just a click away. Thus, the white-label client option allows you to resell your web hosting.

SiteGround Reseller Hosting plan helps you to earn revenue by allowing you to set up a hosting business. Also, this plan works on the credit system. Besides, its Enterprise hosting option can design a customized server for you.


Student Hosting

With SiteGround students have greater benefits. SiteGround offers a special Students Plan that is 80% of the regular price. Besides, they let educational organizations provide free hosting to their faculty. With their advanced security, the students do not need to worry about their accounts being hacked. Thus, it is also a cheap hosting for students.


SiteGround Domain Name Services

SiteGround offers a variety of domains to choose from. The popular domains .com, .net, .org, etc. are available at nominal yearly rates. Also, there are country-specific domains like .in, .co, .eu, and many more. Besides, there are special domains like .blog, .online, .shop, etc.


Final Verdict – SiteGround Web Hosting in India

Are you still in a dilemma whether or not to pick SiteGround? Take a look at the below points to know why SiteGround is a trustworthy name in web hosting industry.

  • Excellent Uptime (99.99% consistently for last 3 years)
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Awesome Load Time
  • Free SSL Certificate and CDN
  • Unbeatable Customer Support
  • Easy-to-use Interface for website and account management
  • Built-in apps for website building, enhancing website performance, etc
  • Variable plans as per your needs and budget

Do we recommend SiteGround Hosting for India Sites?

The answer is “Yes.” SiteGround offers the greatest speed that is the best thing about it. Moreover, it offers the best technology. This helps to enhance the performance of your website. These two factors help in attracting traffic. Furthermore, it offers enhanced security. This makes SiteGround a reliable hosting company. Besides, it offers reasonable rates for beginners and experienced users. Above all, it offers an excellent customer support service. The fast and effective response of the support team is a great boon for the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can upgrade SiteGround hosting plan later on?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade a hosting plan as per your needs. It is simple and not complicated.

Which SiteGround Hosting Plan is the best?

The best-selling SiteGround hosting plan is GrowBig plan.
The StartUp plan is the best plan for beginners. It is good for shared hosting. Besides, GrowBig is the most popular plan of SiteGround. Also, GoGeek is good for large scale business and e-commerce.

Does SiteGround offer CDN and SSL?

Yes, SiteGround offers Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt. It is free of cost for the 1st year of hosting subscription.

What is the price or cost of SiteGround Hosting?

StartUp Plan : $6.99 per month
GrowBig Plan : $9.99 per month
GoGeek Plan : $14.99 per month

Does SiteGround provide any free tools or apps?

Yes, SiteGround offers many powerful tools like WordPress, WooCommerce, Cloudflare CDN, SG Optimizer, SuperCache, etc. These tools and pre-installed apps help in easy & fast website building and enhancing the website speed and load time.

What are the different types of hosting offered by SiteGround?

SiteGround offers variety of hosting plans such as Shared, Managed, E-commerce, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting. Checkout their website.

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