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Liquid Web Hosting for India in 2023: Is it Worth?

Have you heard about Liquid Web Hosting? Do you know Liquid Web offer their hosting services in India?

Are you wondering which web hosting is the best in India? If you want answers to these questions then you have landed at the right blog. What if you get a web hosting with the best rating and best performance? Not only that, what if you get all the best features of a managed web hosting at unbelievable price?

Liquid Web has it all. It has been one of the famous web hosting providers for the last 20 years. Liquid Web has gained popularity and trust across the world because of its high performance and service standards. Additionally, Liquid Web hosting reviews are phenomenal. Such accolades make Liquid Web as one of the best web hosting providers worldwide.

If you are still not convinced, find below all about Liquid Web Hosting. Thus, you will know why it is the best web hosting for online business.

Quick Review – Liquid Web Hosting for India

Based on our analysis, this section provides review of Liquid Web Hosting in terms of its features, plans, pros & cons, etc. For detailed information, go to Liquid Web Hosting Review section of this blog.

Liquid Web Hosting Review

Ashwinder Kaur

liquid web review india
The below listed factors have been reviewed for Liquid Web Hosting.
Fully Managed Hosting (VPS, Dedicated, Cloud)
Premium Web Hosting
24/7/365 Customer Service (Fast & Experts)
Uptime (99.999% ~ 100%)
Offers Linux- or Windows-based Servers
High End Specifications & Powerful Features
Faster Site Loading Time
Ideal for Developers & High Traffic Sites
Cost / Price (High but worth the performance & quality)
Shared Hosting Plans (None)

Highly Recommended for Developers/Techies, High Traffic Sites

If you are looking for fully managed hosting plans then go for Liquid Web Hosting. They are popular for Heroic Support and regarded as the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®. The server performance is unmatched and offer Linux- or Windows-based Servers.
The hosting plans are expensive or high in price but justifies the performance, quality, and service being offered. Another downside is that Liquid Web does not offer any shared hosting plan.
Overall, Liquid Web offers premium web hosting which is worth spending the money. Go ahead and start 14 Days Free Trial.


Company Profile

Liquid Web started its journey in a small garage in Michigan 20 years ago. It envisioned being the best hosting provider to help people to grow their businesses. Now, Liquid Web brand consists of 4 companies. These are Liquid Web, Nexcess, Ithemes, and Interworx. Also, Liquid Web has 5 Data Centers worldwide. Besides, it offers a wide range of hosting options and a dedicated team of professionals. Also, they have partnered with many famous companies. The company now hosts more than 5,00,000 websites in 130 countries.

Liquid Web Hosting Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web Hosting Products

This section talks about the various types of hosting services offered by Liquid Web. Unlike other hosting companies, Liquid Web doesn’t offer shared hosting. But, being a premium hosting provider it offers hosting products suitable for any business. Find below the Liquid Web Hosting products.

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

Liquid Web offers a wide range of hosting plans and customized solutions. Most of their plans are all-inclusive. Moreover, all the plans offer a free SSL certificate. Although the company does not offer any money-back policy, you can get a pro-rated refund for the unused parts. Also, there is a 14-days trial period for Managed WordPress hosting plans. Besides, the company is now offering great discounts on various plans.

Take a quick look at the below table.

Type of HostingStarting Price
Cloud Dedicated$169/mo
VMware Private Cloud$1,599/mo
Managed WordPress$19/mo
Managed WooCommerce$19/mo
Server Clusters$743/mo
Private VPS Parent$329/mo
High Performance$1,127/mo
High Availability$1,448/mo
HIPPA Compliant$343/mo

Dedicated Hosting

Starting Price : $199/mo

Server Locations : Michigan (US), Arizona (US), Amsterdam (Europe)

Liquid Web offers the best managed Dedicated Server Solutions that provide the highest level of performance and security. These servers are available in single or dual processors with Linux or Windows operating systems. Additionally, these servers are monitored 24/7. One can choose between self managed, core managed, and fully managed plans. Click here for more details.

VPS Hosting

Starting Price : $59/mo

Operating Systems : Linux & Windows

Liquid Web Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) provide the power of a Dedicated Server and the flexibility of cloud hosting. This hosting option is the ideal solution when you require the control of a Dedicated Server and still need to keep low monthly cost. The reliability is ensured through Solid State Drives (SSD). Click here for more details.

Cloud Dedicated Hosting

Starting Price : $169/mo

Operating Systems : Linux & Windows

Cloud Dedicated Servers (Managed Cloud Hosting) offer 100% scalability and 0% sharing. This hosting option combines the processing power and resources of a traditional Dedicated Server with the instant provisioning and flexibility of a cloud platform. Managed Cloud Hosting is auto-scalable, secure, reliable, and balances the load to conserve resources. Click here for more details.

VMware Private Cloud Hosting

Starting Price : $1,599/mo

Private Cloud is powered by VMware and NetApp. It offers the power & performance of a traditional public cloud with dedicated hardware. This is a perfect managed Private Cloud Solution provided by Liquid Web with 24/7/365 On-Site Support. Click here for more details.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Starting Price : $19/mo

The complete managed cloud solution for WordPress websites. This managed WordPress hosting plan offers reliability, exceptional speed, scale, security, high performance backed by a great support team. One need not worry about the hosting complexities just focus on growing the business. This is a feature-rich hosting plan worth each penny. Click here for more details.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Starting Price : $19/mo

Liquid Web has built a high performance platform dedicated to eCommerce stores of every size. It ensures fast site speed, includes abandoned cart technology, and plenty of themes and plugins for customized look & feel. You also get a 14 days free trial. The speed, security, and support is unmatched. Click here for more details.

Read More -> Liquid Web WooCommerce Hosting Review (2023)

Server Clusters Hosting

Starting Price : $743/mo

Design your hosting platform your own way. Ensure 99.999% uptime with high availability server cluster hosting. Ideal for scaling your eCommerce business or any other App. Server Clusters Hosting is custom-built to fit your business needs, from two to 200 servers. Click here for more details.

Private VPS Parent Hosting

Starting Price : $329/mo

If you want to have your own Private Data Center that you can control then this is the perfect hosting for you. It allows you to create, move, resize, or destroy any number of virtual instances. In this type of hosting the possibilities are endless. Click here for more details.

High Performance Hosting

Starting Price : $1,127/mo

This high performance hosting solution is ideal if you face latency and downtime during high traffic events. This solution uses more than one server (bundled with a load balancer) and allows your traffic to be distributed across multiple machines. This helps in keeping your site performance at its peak. Click here for more details.

High Availability Hosting

Starting Price : $1,448/mo

The high availability hosting solution ensures server uptime and site availability by assigning a floating IP address and adding another physical server, data replication to keep them in sync, and a fail over mechanism. If hardware failure occurs then the second server kicks in and takes all the traffic load and works seamlessly. Click here for more details.

Database Hosting

Starting Price : $1,498/mo

The database hosting solution provides data replication between different database servers by using proven tools. This insulates and protects your databases. It also helps in important upgrade activities like software upgrades, security patches, or hardware upgrades. Click here for more details.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Starting Price : $343/mo

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This Act requires businesses that process, store or transmit electronic protected health information (ePHI or PHI) to comply with strict administrative, physical and technical guidelines. Liquid Web is one such hosting company that offers HIPAA compliant web hosting solutions. Click here for more details.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce

Liquid Web Hosting Features

Ultra-modern Data Centers

Liquid Web Hosting has revolutionized data centers. They are located in the U.S. and the Netherlands. These data centers are equipped with the highest quality of security and tools.

Super-easy Cloud Sites

Liquid Web Hosting offers the Cloudflare platform. It is the easiest way to launch an eCommerce site or a blog.

Unlimited Domain for Cloud Sites

Liquid Web offers unlimited domains for Cloud Sites. So, you can have multiple websites without worrying about extra costs.

User-friendly Tools

You get the best tools with Liquid Web. SSH, WP-CLI, and CIT, etc. are some examples.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Liquid Web hosting gives you 2 dashboards. One for managing your account and another for WordPress websites. Managed WordPress Portal is the dashboard for WordPress. Both the dashboards are easy to use.

Excellent Uptime

Liquid Web hosting offers amazing uptime. It offers 100% uptime.

Human Support 24/7

Liquid Web hosting is famous for offering human support 24/7. You can get their support by phone, mail, or chat. Besides, their guaranteed response time is less than 59 minutes.

Unique Staging Feature

Liquid Web allows you to work off-line for WordPress websites. So, you can create a copy of your website with the help of the staging feature Stencils. This way you do not interrupt the performance of your live website.

Easy and Free Migration

Migration with Liquid web is free and it is not that hard.

Amazing eCommerce features

You get faster online stores with reduced query loads. Also, you get to use the abandoned cart technology. So, you get the chance to take care of lost revenue. Besides, useful plugins, catchy themes, and SEO support help you to get the best online store.

Decent Load Speed

Liquid Web uses Memcached and Mod_PageSpeed for faster site load for WordPress sites.

Excellent Security Features

Liquid Web offers the best website security and firewall protection. Also, the automatic nightly backups help you recover data.

Several Add-on Options

Liquid Web offers many add-on options to improve the performance of your site. Also, there are security add-ons and software-add-ons as per your requirements.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web offers 1-click WordPress installation. Also, you get automatic updates and plugins. Besides, the Image Optimization plugin improves the speed of your page.

No Traffic Restrictions

There are no traffic restrictions. So, you do not need to pay overage fees.

Free SSL Certificate

Liquid Web offers free SSL certifications with all their hosting plans.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Every entity has to protect the ePHI or Electronic Protected Health Information of the clients. Liquid Web offers HIPAA-compliant hostings. So, you can be sure that your data is secure with Liquid Web.

Great Storage Options

Various plans of Liquid Web offer different storage options. Each option is in sync with each hosting type and plan.

Ample Bandwidth

Liquid Web offers different bandwidth with different plans. But each bandwidth is sufficient as per the hosting types.

Liquid Web HIPAA Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web Hosting Reviews

This section talks about Liquid Web Hosting Reviews. Why to choose Liquid Web Hosting? What makes Liquid Web as one of the best and most reliable web hosting companies?

No matter what your business requirements are Liquid Web has a solution. Their customized hosting solutions may be a bit expensive but they ensure high availability, high performance, no downtime, and highly secured infrastructure that no other hosting company guarantees. Liquid Web is highly reputed and trustworthy name in web hosting business.

We have analyzed their performance and uptime metrics over the past six months and have come to the conclusion that Liquid Web Hosting is worth each penny. Let’s take a closer look.

Unbeatable Uptime Guarantee

The best thing about Liquid Web is its SLA’s 100% uptime guarantee. The company promises to pay 1000% compensation if you experience downtime. So, in case of a downtime, you get 10x the amount of your total downtime credited. Isn’t that pretty cool to get compensated for downtime!

Fully Managed Hosting

Liquid Web offers fully managed hosting plans. Also, it has got the best tools to give you the best hosting experience. Besides, you get experienced technicians and Proactive Monitoring of high-end services. Also, you get online technical staff available 24 hours to help you with hardware replacement. So, you get all the tools and support needed to launch and run your website.

Excellent Customer Support

Another greatest thing about Liquid Web hosting is its dedicated support team. They are the “Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®” 24/7/365. You can call them to get help. Also, you can chat with them anytime you want. Besides, there is also e-mail support and you will be surprised to get their quick response. Thus, Liquid Web hosting will help you with all the support you need. Many users just stick to Liquid Web because of its amazing customer support.

Unquestionable Security Features

Liquid Web makes sure to protect your data and website. They use the best network protection technology and threat intelligence. Also, they use advanced ServerSecure+. Thus, they protect you against vulnerabilities and threats. So, you can be assured of the security of your servers and network.

Highly Developed Data Centers

Unlike many other web hosts, Liquid Web owns its data centers.  Also, there are on-site technicians 24/7 in case of any issues. Also, their data centers have got several certifications of standardization. These are ISO9001, 27001, and 14001. Besides, these are ISAE 3402, HIPAA, SSAE-16, and PCI-DSS compliant.

Free Automatic Updates & Daily Backups

Liquid Web saves you from the pain of taking care of WordPress updates. It is because you get automatic WordPress updates. Also, you can check the changes of your website after each update with a Visual Comparison Tool. Besides, you can disable automatic WordPress updates or plugin updates at any time. Also, Liquid Web offers automatic daily backups and keeps them for 30 days. But you can restore them from your Managed WordPress Portal.

Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

Do We Recommend Liquid Web Hosting for India?

Liquid Web Hosting Reviews suggest that it is worth buying depending upon your business needs. Furthermore, our studies reveal that the features and hosting solutions offered by Liquid Web are miles ahead when compared with any other hosting company. Yes, we highly recommend Liquid Web Hosting for India.

Go ahead and start 14 Days Free Trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Managed Web Hosting?

In managed Web Hosting, the web hosting company manages the server and takes care of the maintenance, security, back-up, upgrade activities, and many more. This allows you to focus on growing your business rather than on hosting complexities.

What is Liquid Web Hosting?

Liquid Web provides managed hosting and custom-built solutions delivering fast, flexible, secure, hassle-free experience with 99.999% uptime and 24/7/365 human support.

Where are Liquid Web Servers located?

Liquid Web Servers are located at Michigan (US), Arizona (US), and Amsterdam (Europe). These servers are SSAE-16 and HIPAA Compliant.

How fast is Liquid Web Hosting?

Page tests reveal web page (size : 600 KB) loading speed of 900 ms. This is pretty fast speed.

Why is Liquid Web expensive?

Liquid Web offers powerful, high performance, feature-rich, fully managed hosting. They don’t see underrated products. Their uptime is 99.999%. They are the only ones in the industry that have human support. So, all these high performing metrics, high quality service comes with a price tag. But be assured that it is worth each penny.

Which Website Builder is the best for eCommerce sites?

There are many popular and powerful website builders for eCommerce sites such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, 3DCart, Volusion, etc.

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