iPage Web Hosting in India (2023): Cheap yet Powerful

Do you know iPage Web Hosting in India is among one of the cheap web hosting service providers?

Here, in this article, you will come to know about one of the best web hostings, iPage. Is iPage a good web hosting in India?

In this article, I have reviewed the features and pricing plans of iPage hosting. I have provided a detailed analysis whether it is worth buying and offers value for money. All the research has been done for you.

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While planning to launch your blog or e-commerce site there are plenty of questions that pop up. Which is the Best Web Hosting in India? Which web hosting gives the best value for money? How to choose the Best WordPress Hosting out of so many?

So, let’s get started.

About iPage Hosting

Tomas Gorny founded iPage a web service provider in 1998. The company turned into full-fledged web hosting in 2009. Now the famous company EIG (Endurance International Group) owns it. The company has its head office in Arizona, US. Also, the company has 2 data centers and has acquired more than 1 million websites.

Why use iPage Web Hosting in India?

iPage Review

Ashwinder Kaur

iPage offers feature-rich hosting (Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated Servers) at affordable prices. This section talks about the review & rating of various iPage features.
Reputation/Brand Name (20 Years in Hosting Industry)
All Essential Hosting Features are Included
99.9% Uptime
Page Loading Time (< 1.2 Secs)
Performance (A+ Grade)
24/7/365 Customer Support (Live Chat Response is Almost Instant)
Free SSL & SiteLock Security (Firewall)
Easy to Use; Launch WordPress Site in just 15 Minutes
Pre-installed WordPress Plugins (Jetpack Included)
WordPress Staging Sandbox is Provided
Simplified Control Panel
Email Hosting Included (only 500 MB)
$100 worth of Google Ads and Bing Advertising Credits
Daily Backups are Paid
Renewal Prices are High
No Free Trial

iPage Hosting is ideal for beginners and Small & Medium Businesses.

iPage hosting provides simplified, home-grown control panel, 100+ Apps, varied types of hosting plans at very low introductory prices. The best part is it includes Jetpack & W3 Total Cache plugins for free. $100 worth of Google Ads and Bing Advertising Credits are provided. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.
Downside – Daily back-ups are paid, Renewal Prices are high, and no free trials.
Overall, if you are low on budget and a beginner then iPage is a good host for you with decent page load time, no complexities, and no hidden cost.


Here’s a YouTube video (31 seconds long) on why use iPage hosting.


iPage Hosting Plans & Pricing

iPage provides various types of hosting for varied needs. Choose the one that fits your requirements and budget.

The best thing about iPage hosting is their simplified pricing model. The rates of the iPage web hosting packages are reasonable and affordable. Also, they offer free domain names for 1 year with all types of plans. The default shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and unlimited disk space. Also, you get unlimited bandwidth. Besides, the company offers a 30-day refund policy. Moreover, you even get Google AdWords worth $100 when you sign up for a shared hosting plan.

Find below to know about different iPage Web hosting plans & pricing.

iPage Shared Web Hosting

iPage Shared hosting offers unlimited disk space. Also, unlike many other hosting companies, you can host unlimited domains on it. Besides, you get scalable bandwidth. iPage provides many designing and building tools (1-click WordPress installer, themes, plugins, etc.) for free with iPage. You can set-up an online store having AgoraCart shopping cart. You also get the flexibility to integrate PayPal.


iPage WordPress Hosting

iPage WordPress hosting offers unlimited disk space. Also, you get pre-installed themes and plugins. iPage offers faster load times for WordPress sites. This is because the company places the WordPress sites on the servers with low-density. Besides, if you are a blogger, you do not need to be afraid of comment spam. It is because iPage protects you with a firewall to tackle these types of issues.


iPage VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is ideal for the ones who are advanced users. iPage VPS hosting offers excellent tools and features. You can rely on them for flexibility and control. Also, you can customize your hosting with advanced customization. You also get MySQL databases. Besides, you get reliable speed at the best rates in the market. iPage VPS hosting comes at affordable rates compared to other web hosting companies.


iPage Dedicated Hosting

iPage Dedicated hosting with dedicated servers offers powerful solutions to your business needs. You get the bandwidth of up to 15 TB. Also, with advanced customization, you get full hosting control. Moreover, you can choose between cPanel and vDeck. Besides, with iPage Dedicated hosting, you get speed and security. Also, you have the freedom to install any application as per your needs.

Besides hosting, the company also offers domain registration. iPage offers more than 300 domain extensions. You can get the best and common extensions with them.


iPage Hosting Features

iPage web hosting offers powerful features to suit all types of needs, business or personal. Also, their features are much better compared to the other web hostings worldwide. Below is the list of the features of iPage web hosting.

  • 99.96 % Uptime         
  • Satisfactory Loading Time
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • User-friendly Control Panel
  • Free Advertising from Google and Bing worth $200
  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited E-mails
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Domains & MySQL databases – Unlimited
  • Disk Space – Unlimited
  • FTP accounts – Unlimited
  • Free Daily Backups
  • 30-day Money-Back Policy
  • Unbeatable Firewall
  • Monitoring Threats by Humans
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Tools for Building Sites
  • Daily Scans for Malware
  • Easy Installation of WordPress
  • SiteLock Security

How Good is iPage Hosting?

iPage has shown remarkable performance over the past few years. I have monitored the performance of iPage closely. Although, the first best thing that caught my attention is their unmatched prices. But, iPage has a lot more to offer than the best prices. So, here are the factors that have contributed to their success.

Brilliant Applications

One of the most vital things that you need for building a site is an advanced application. iPage hosting offers a wide list of applications for your website. It offers a one-click installation of WordPress. Also, you can install Joomla, ZenCart, and Drupal with a few clicks. Besides, there are many other apps. These are PixelPost, Gallery2, ZenPhoto, plus Gbook, and phpBB.

Besides, it offers unlimited MySQL databases. This helps the users of the application that need communication with MySQL. Also, you can edit or remove your installations with Script installer. Moreover, iPage offers a simple site builder with 6 pages and many themes. Besides, there are many exciting e-commerce tools. Also, they offer a free email address. With this email, you get spam filters, auto-responders, virus checking, and many more.

Awesome Uptime & Satisfactory Loading Time

The uptime and loading time of a website is very crucial. The amount of traffic to a website depends on these 2 factors. You can make your site reliable to your visitors by offering the best uptime. iPage has shown tremendous results in delivering the best uptime so far. Their average uptime over the past few years is 99.96%. It is comparatively higher than many other web hostings worldwide. Besides, iPage even monitors their uptime 24/7. So, the customer support will be at your rescue in case your site goes down.

Over the past few years, iPage has been consistent in maintaining a decent loading time. It takes less than a second to load a page. Lower page speed causes a lower conversion rate. But, with the higher loading speed, you can expect a higher conversion rate. Thus, it can increase your revenue.

Excellent e-Commerce Features

iPage hosting has got awesome e-Commerce tools to help you to get the best online store. iPage does not have any specific e-Commerce hosting plan. But, their Essential shared hosting offers amazing e-Commerce features. Also, you can choose the WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress sites. You have an option to buy the best e-Commerce builder tool Ecwid. Ecwid is a famous site builder with fantastic features. Also, you can integrate any other site builders with it.

Besides, you get ZenCart, TomatoCart, AgoraCart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OSCommerce. Also, you get PayPal integration with the free builder. You can even get coupon codes, inventory management if you opt for a paid e-Commerce version. With that, you even get a payment processor like Stripe. Besides, you get site-guards for 24 hours. You also get a free SSL certificate. This helps to protect the personal information of the customers. So, overall you get the best support and tools to succeed in your online business.


Easy-to-Use Control Panel

iPage has the most simple control panel. It is not based on cPanel but vDeck. You do need to have extensive knowledge to use their control panel. Many of you are looking for some quick solutions to get your websites up. So, it is the best control panel for beginners. Moreover, you can easily upload and download a file using File Manager. Also, you can do multiple tasks using the control panel. You can create a website, manage email addresses, and backups. Also, you can view your website statistics and do several administrative tasks.

Also, you get Mojo Market Place with a single click. This is the place where you get you free stuff like plugins, themes, and logos, etc. Besides, with WordPress, you get a customized control panel for WordPress sites.

Reliable Security & Back up Features

With iPage, you can be assured of the security and safety of your website. They offer daily spam scans and malware scans to detect any threats. With SiteLock you can fix any malware issue or other errors. Besides, they also monitor the network regularly. Besides, there are firewalls as well as regular scanning of WordPress sites.

 Also, they give you more confidence with the free SSL certificate and PHP7.1. Besides, you can block any targeted cyber attacks with SiteLock. You can buy additional security features at nominal rates. Besides, you can add a backup policy to your plan at a reasonable rate. This will help you to get daily backups and restores as per your needs.

Irresistible Marketing Tools

With iPage, you can get high-quality backlinks for your website from iPage. Besides, they even help you with your PPC advertising. Also, the company offers a unique advantage to its users. iPage gifts you advertising credits that you can use to market your website. They are offering $100 Adwords Voucher, $50 Facebook Ad credits, $50 Yahoo and Bing Search credits.

You can use Bing or Yahoo credits to get your site ranking up. Also, you can use Facebook credits to advertise on Facebook. All these ad credits help you to get more traffic. Besides, you also get free Yellow Page Business Listing. Also, there is a facility for email marketing. With so many marketing tools, it becomes easy to promote your online store.

Unbeatable Rates

When it comes to deciding a product or service, price is the major deciding factor. iPage has been one of the inexpensive web hosts. Their prices are low compared to the prices of other web hosts. Also, they offer exciting starting prices now and then. Right now, they are offering the basic hosting plan only for $1.99 monthly. You get that price if you pay for 3 years at a time. Also, you can pay for a single year. Then also, the rate is not bad. It is $2.99 per month.

Moreover, you get endless features at these unmatched rates. The company offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, unlimited domains, and many more features. So, no matter whichever term you choose, the price gives you good value for money. Besides, you can upgrade the plan anytime as per your need.


Final Verdict – iPage Web Hosting in India

Yes, I recommend iPage hosting with great delight. I have compared the prices of iPage hosting with many other web hostings worldwide. I found iPage to be the best by offering shared hosting for $1.99 monthly. Moreover, their plans are all-inclusive. So, you do not need to bother about paying extra for services like unlimited domains and SSL, etc. Besides, iPage also does not disappoint you when it comes to performance. They have proved it with their awesome up time and decent load time. So, if you are getting so many things at unbelievable rates, then why not grab it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which cPanel is used by iPage?

iPage uses a customized version of cPanel. It is based on vDeck. vDeck is much easier to use than cPanel. Beginners can easily use vDeck to manage their sites. Besides, vDeck has user-friendly marketing tools and e-commerce features.

What are the different types of hosting offered by iPage?

iPage offers the following types of web hosting:-
1. Shared Web
2. WordPress
3. Dedicated Servers
4. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Does iPage offer Domain Registration?

Yes, iPage offers free domain for 1st year subscription. Thereafter, iPage charges fee.

How much does web hosting cost?

Web hosting is not that expensive due to a variety of hosting plans offered by many web hosting companies. The cost can start from $2.99 monthly. Also, many companies offer free domain names along with hosting plans. Besides, some hosting companies offer unbeatable rates for the 1st year.

Does WordPress provide free hosting?

You can use WordPress in 3 ways. Firstly, you can have your fully hosted website on WordPress.com. For this, you get a subdomain with WordPress. Secondly, you can upgrade your WordPress.com site to a Business Plan. So, you get various plugins and customized themes. Lastly, you can join WordPress.org to get a self-hosted version. This would require you to go for a paid hosting to install WordPress on it.

Which are some of the cheapest website builders?

Some of the popular and cheapest website builders are WordPress, WooCommerce, Wix, Weebly, uKit, Zoho, IM Creator, etc. They all offer powerful features and user-friendly tools for effective and quick site building.

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